Monday, July 12, 2010

catch up

i haven't posted not for want of ideas but for want of time. so i thought a quick catch up was in order

reading -
  • on a bit of a phryne fisher jag at the moment (again)
  • just finished a fabulous book on the history of colour (as in pigments and paints) by victoria finlay - highly recommended
  • read half of david marr's quarterly essay on kevin rudd before the blow fell
listening -
  • still angus and julia stone's 'down the way' - it's been on constant play since march
  • silence when i can get it
writing -
  • irregularly often in my journal
eating -
  • too much - we have been living so high on the hog that it feels like our hog is on stilts. i presage a return to oats and fruit soon... maybe.... with the occasional tim tam and truffle
walking -
  • minimally - my back injury coincided with the darkest, coldest part of the year. hopefully my morning walk will be back on the menu soon. i have been walking a bit at lunchtime but it's not the same
watching -
  • telly-wise am shamefully addicted to masterchef, although i feel a bit discombobulated with the loss of the two best cooks in the competition in the last week
thinking -
  • a lot about lots of stuff and watching all the bits float around inside my head- and i'm ok with that
  • after some very bad family news from a colleague today, very lucky
wearing -
  • black (natch - we are in melbourne) and lots of lovely cosy layers to ward off the chills. right now starting at my feet - my favourite green suede Birkenstocks, pink stripy socks, jeans, black jumper, black cardi. and pleasing soon is the metamorphosis into jim jams
aiming -
  • for calm and clarity
  • jealousy - i have done a fair bit more to it with paint, ink and nightsticks and it will be off to the UK on wednesday - hurrah. then it is playtime for the rest of the year :)

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Jensters said...

Lovely to reat what you have been up too....cant wait to see Jealousy finished.