Saturday, July 24, 2010

ennui descends...

well, there has been nothing creative happening around here. i posted jealousy off to the UK and have not recovered my muse since.

i did have a tumbling burst of creative thought last sunday night as i was drifting off to sleep - and of course got up wrote it all down and forgot about it. all creativity is on hold until ATC - after the the conference.

I'm flying to Alice Springs on Monday for the SNAICC national conference - as the policy manager i'm responsible for keeping track of hot issues and key messages, updating speaking notes, writing media releases and fielding media for the duration. i'm also looking after 2 workshops - which is all a bit scary but also exciting.

in other exciting news w lost his first tooth this week (after weeks of wobbliness) and the tooth fairy started as she means to go on: with prompt payment. hopefully this resolve will hold firm but her track record is not good.

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Lynn said...

My soon to be six yr old grand daugher just lost her first tooth, went to a birthday party and three other little girls had all also lost the very same front tooth! Too cute. I hope they took pictures!

I too cannot create as we are moving back our things into our newly renovated home. All so time consuming. I hope I get to it before too long. Doors await.

Enjoy your trips and things.