Monday, August 02, 2010


i am returned from the conference - exhausted, be-virused and glad to be on this side. it was fantastic - i met so many people, learned so much and worked so hard - i feel like i need to lie quietly in a darkened burrow for a week to get over it.

i was so busy writing speaking notes and media releases i didn't take many photos - here are a few from our trip to the healing centre in Alice Springs last Tuesday nighti'm still processing a lot of last week - especially the trip around some of the town camps by the Tangentyere Council - but these signs are everywhere in the territory and a constant reminder of the apartheid this country practises but refuses to admit.

there was barely time for anything creative but i did go for a walk on Friday afternoon and took some rubbings of a piece of charred bark
and a rock.
and here is a photo of the full moon taken from my balcony
btw you may notice a new button at the top of the blog - click it and read about the Canadian First Nations' battle to try and win basic human rights for their children. Cindy Blackstock spoke at our conference and was an inspiration: we have a similar battle to fight here.

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