Sunday, August 29, 2010

quaranta sei

last week i celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of my twenty-first birthday - and if that doesn't make one feel old i don't know what does....

long haul textileseahorseophiles may recall that i started here:
progressed to here
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when i posted the peter gabriel video last week, i mused around the 80s for a while and thought of all the stuff that happened to me between the ages of 16 and 26. i will spare you photos of gawky adolescence but thought you might smile to see what the nice ruyton girl was wearing to her school dance in 1981 (her mother's frock and gloves from the 50s)
1985 i had a fancy dress party for my 21st and chose to look as elegant as possible
1986 i finished uni having led a blameless and nose-grindy 4 years studying hard (truly - just ask my Mother....)
1990 wore the 80s pavlova frock, got properly churched and became instantly Respectable*

in 2010 i am very pleased to be back on an even number - 45 looked dour, hardbitten and stingy but 46 is sinuous and curvy - much better :)

*btw notice how faithful i was to the princess diana aesthetic through the decade? i got over that when i had children and suddenly looked like this. but that's a 90s/00s story


Lynn said...

Happy very young birthday!

Hanen said...

Happy Birthday Lis! I think you dodged a (taffeta)(puffed sleeves) bullet by taking the vintage option for your school formal - what a beautiful dress!

And love the tiger outfit. Is one of those cats Wol?

Penny said...

Happy Birthday.
We have all done it, gets better, then possibly a bit worse!

Suse said...

The pic of you in the red maryjanes and the peter pan collared dress is the best.

And my that is a large koala.

(ps. get better for this weekend!)

The Happy Apple said...

Ahhh, cute. Interesting would be quite fun if we all did this! Must go and have a rummage. Happy 25th 21st Mrs.

Stomper Girl said...

Happy thirty-sweet-sixteenth then. Love the pussy cat costume complete with pussy cats.