Tuesday, August 03, 2010


i spent a happy time in the tarrawarra art gallery this afternoon - for the first half hour i was completely alone and could sit in the middle of the room and just look and look and look at the paintings.

I saw the landscape exhibition and although i was a bit surprised that there were only ten paintings on offer it meant i could sit in the middle and gaze and work out why i liked the paintings i liked and why i didn't like the ones i didn't.

on the like side of the ledger i discovered a new to me painter - philip wolfhagen - a tasmanian artists who paints darkly luminous landscapes using oils in beeswax.

there was also tony clark, fred williams and arthur boyd on the bright sunlit uplands of my like paintings.

on the Other Side - sidney nolan x 2 - a painter i have never warmed to. he always seems angry and cold. ben quilty - clever but a bit too clever and 2 other painters whose names i didn't even record so lukewarm was my response to their art.

none of this is a quarrel with their technique or expertise just my personal preference :)

and outside was plenty of scope for cunning photos
back to work tomorrow to keep fighting the good fight


The Happy Apple said...

Ok, so I have to know. How did you get up in the tree to take the photo looking down?

I haven't heard of any of those artists though I instinctively like anyone who uses oils and beeswax. I shall google....and...Ben, Quilty? Surely not.

lisette said...

it's a bit misleading - the photo is taken from about 5 feet up ie around my height but holding the camera right up against the trunk so it looks higher :)