Thursday, August 26, 2010

toujours malade comme une grenouille

actually sicker :( i think my mistake was trying to push through and go to work yesterday although in my defence it was the last meeting with our consultant before he leaves the country and we had to wrap up the project.

but i ended up weepy and breathless lying on my office floor wondering if this was It. and feeling like a complete goose.

so i came home, took to my bed and slept for 13 hours, waking half an hour ago and feeling like i had been rolled on by an elderly obese elephant. treatment is horizontality with a feline poultice applied as often as the poultice thinks necessary.
so back to bed with the prescribed katzen and a date with lord peter wimsey


austin said...

Felicity, that does not sound good. Hope that you have also checked with Doc that you don't need antibiotics. Though probably sleep and lots of rest is what you need.

Take Care and hope you feel better soon.


Stomper Girl said...

Feline poultices are nice though. Hope you feel better soon.

lisette said...

thanks guys - i am equipped with antibiotics and a puffer as well as cats and dorothy sayers :) all will be well but i am impatient to be bouncy again, i can tell you :) don't like being ill at all

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

:( Feel better soon
Those feline poultices are great things though. Take care

The Happy Apple said...

Aww mate. Taketh much care :((

catsmum said...

hope les chats are looking after you properly my sweet