Tuesday, August 24, 2010

sick as a frog


i thought i had largely escaped the winter lurgydom but the virus i have been battling with suddenly surged and overcame me on the weekend. by yesterday afternoon i was a wheezing mess and almost voiceless

so i hied myself off to herr doktor doktor this afternoon and then the chemist where i was relieved of much cash.

and the plan this cold and rainy evening - early dinner, hot bath with lord peter wimsey then to watch the wonderful baroque, qi and bed. billthedog's gogo dancing lesson will have to be postponed, which is a pity as he was showing more aptitude for it than for the lambeth walk.


The Happy Apple said...

Hilarious! Apart from you being ill of course. Soz. Hope you're better soon x

DIAN said...

Take care, it is cold and wet tonight.