Friday, August 20, 2010

i am encumbered by a cold so don't expect sparkling repartee in this post :) the last week has been a blur to tack onto the blur of previous weeks: the federal election is tomorrow which fills me with despair as i do not think people vote unselfishly. although i have been wearing my ampersand duck chicks rule t shirt at every opportunity.... i just hope i'll be able to wear it after tomorrow

i spent the earlier part of the week in perth which is a gazillion miles west of melbourne - just over a 4 hour flight. my days were filled with meetings so i didn't get to see a lot of the city although on my travels between meetings and hotel i happened to fall into a very good bookshop.... i also did 3 radio interviews including a last ditch one as i was in the queue for the plane at the gate lounge.
in between all the work hurly burly the scrumpster and i took w for a drive on sunday - our first stop was a beach just past anglesea where the tide had washed up a wealth of cuttlefish much to w's joy. all the way down the great ocean road there were alternating rain showers and rainbows

we ended up at cape otway where the blusterousness was extreme and we took careful note of the warning signs.the scrumpster ascended the light house but w and i looked at the staircase judiciously and retreated. we were rained on and had our hair blasted into medusiad curls but it was great fun and i didn't think about work once :)


Stomper Girl said...

Love the photos - especially the rainbow one. The chicks rule t-shirt is a beauty but I am slightly nervous as to whether that will still be the case on Sunday...

The Happy Apple said...

That staircase would be too much for me too, and I love the Aussie roadsigns. Brill. It's a very beautiful place; you're very lucky! Hope the cold gets better soon.