Sunday, August 22, 2010

you've got to get in to get out

something to cheer us all up - i am a big genesis fan going waaay back and i was very chirked to find a poem by john siddique using a 'lamb lies down on broadway' lyric as its title

You've got to get in to get out
The world will impinge into your need
for silence, into the your prayers. In the hardest seconds
of your life, your neighbours will be drunk,
booming hip-hop through thin inconvenient walls.

At the lighting of your candles, in the moment
you need to focus - the apex of your flame,
the voice of the Holy Spirit, someone
will be vacuuming, talking, ringing up change,
a bin wagon bleeping as it reverses, builders
swearing into the distance you put by pulling into
yourself. It sounds like they are calling your name.

John Siddique Recital Salt Publishing 2009

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