Sunday, August 22, 2010

curiouser and curiouser

well, everything here in oz is discombobulated by the most extraordinary election that has resulted in the following (for those who weren't following my facebook commentary last night):
  • a hung parliament
  • balance of power spread among five white middle class men whose views range across the spectrum
  • the youngest ever MP (who is 20)
  • the first Aboriginal MP
  • first Green MP
  • bizarre local swings all over the place with the only clear solid swing nationally to the Greens
  • the loss of 2 of the more extreme right wing MPs (hurrah!)
  • the last Senate seat in Victoria going to the DLP - a splinter of the ALP whose origins are deep in the murky sectarian 50s and represent right wing Catholic Labor
as a consequence i have just about lost my voice and need a lie down in a darkened room with a cold compress. will stagger back later.


The Happy Apple said...

Hung parliaments seem to be the fashion! I don't think ours is working very well.

Stomper Girl said...

My mother is quite intrigued by the possibility of the DLP gaining a senate position. She comes form Melbourne Catholic stock and knew the Santamarias. She seemed to think that Abbott would have affiliations there...

Suse said...

I just saw a link on facebook to a page on the AustLII site, showing that under the Constitution, a member of the House of Reps must be 21.

Goodbye Wyatt?

Lynn said...

I know nothing about your government and how it is run, but your final statement tickled me!
Hope you are recovering.

Sally said...

+ the first muslim to be elected to the federal parliament too!