Saturday, August 28, 2010

jealousy returns

i won't bore you by telling you that i'm still sick - but i am :(

in happier news jealousy returned from its sojourn at the birmingham festival of quilts and, pinned to its back, in a plain wrapper were the judges ' comments.

i had been dreading this as my techniques are not conventional, i don't do binding or piecing etc etc.
but to my very pleased surprise both judges' comments were really positive:

judge the first: 5 x excellent 3 x good and 1 x satisfactory "lovely tactile surfaces and subtle colour combinations"

judge the second 5 x good 3 x satisfactory and 1 x needs attention (edge treatment - pffft) "a mysterious piece with some fascinating texture"
jealousy is for sale - please email me if you are interested in buying it.

1 comment:

Lynn said...

Wow I love the texture. Was it in competition with traditional quilts. The judges were very kind if that was what they were looking for then. Our gallery is so new to textile art/contemp. quilts that winning anything is a huge surprise!