Tuesday, July 13, 2010

counting my bits of lucky

in the past 24 hours i have been given 2 generous presents out of the blue.
the lovely suzanne sent me a gorgeous smorgasbord of threads from her tapestry weaving stash and a pamphlet of inducements outlining the temptations of the victorian tapestry workshop and the equally lovely but sadly blogless kathryn sent me some luscious silky rose petals to audition for jealousy.

i feel full of lucky :)


Jensters said...

Wow you lucky thing you.....such wonderful colours and texture.

Essjayeff said...

And I can think of no better person to give gorgeous wool to! Did I mention that the blue/indigo mix is from the Kemp Tapestries in the Great Hall at the NGV? Wish I had some from Dame Elisabeth Murdoch's tapestry.

(you reap what you so my dear seahorse!)

Judy said...

I love wool too.What a great gift!