Friday, November 28, 2008

return of the coiffed - some after shots

billthedog had his shampoo and set today - he was a very anxious bill when we arrived at the salon and tried to cut and run. i think it reminded him of the lost dogs' home where he spent his early youth. so i was very relieved when we went to pick him up and he trotted out quite happily, buffed and coiffed and looking (and smelling) like a supermodel. or at least very like perry como.
and i picked up my parcel from the post office - not only had it travelled from the UK to Melbourne in 5 days, it was full of wonders....more tomorrow

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Ms V said...

oh sweet lisette

i didn't get a chance to say farewell...drat. Your blog is lovely, as are you.

Love from you tallcurlywackyalwaysbrashloudand proud friend

Ms V.