Tuesday, November 18, 2008

in which we discover that codeine and sewing don't mix

hmmmm - i couldn't find any of the extant wheat bags chez seahorse so i thought i would run one up. using w's monster kitty as a pattern i traced around him onto freezer paper being a bit too head muzzy from codeine to want to fuss with pins. the freezer paper ironed onto the fabric worked a treat
- except -

can you see the problem?
2 fronts - or backs... so i cut another two. then slowly sewed them together - my sewing machine doesn't need the foot pedal, having a stop and go button and speed control thingy - perfect for people with rotten backs.

but - i hadn't reckoned the size very well and while monster kitty wheat bag is admirable in many respects he is only suitable for small pains.
so i made another - this time a serviceable rectangle in a more suitable size. but this time i sewed it together without checking to see if both right sides were facing out..... so i decided that this wheat bag has a front and a back and filled it with brown basmati rice (best use for brown basmati rice i think), heated it up and hopped into bed with it.
i kept w and e occupied while i cooked dinner by setting them to paint some calico christmas tree ornaments - here they are drying on the cake rack

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