Sunday, November 16, 2008

where did it go?

what happened to my weekend? how did it get to be sunday night so quickly? what did i do with those 48 hours?

there was a lot of activity but nothing i can point to and say - here it is, the fruit of my weekend.... there was much washing of clothes, cooking, shopping (of the grocery kind and of the kids' socks and underwear kind) and some housework. i did read the paper - the whole paper. which is an event of much marvelling these days. usually i can't be bothered doing more than reading the headlines online but i bought an entire saturday age and read it.

anyone still awake after reading this account of not much at all can see what we had for dinner tonight (see, it was worth staying up for, wasn't it?).

roast chicken (an anonymous chicken bought for the purpose, not a recalcitrant chook) and roast veg.
here are the veg glistening with oil, about to go into the oven. the chicken was stuffed with cumquats (or composts as w mysteriously calls them), garlic cloves and a handful of rosemary and oregano
and here is a small bowl of sugar coated fennel or comfits. i bought a lifetime's supply of them from the indian grocer in high st
will try and do something more interesting before my next post. i did think about my stellar quilt but no action.....

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