Saturday, November 20, 2010

10 things about me

seeing i'm awake i thought i might as well do a small post and this meme seems to be going around again
  1. i like having crimson toe nails
  2. i hate bad manners
  3. i am a grammar-phile and an apostrophe nazi
  4. i'm afraid of heights, and other people's anger
  5. i love sleeping in
  6. hell is having nothing to read (as well as other people)
  7. colour IS its own reward
  8. tea is a great restorative
  9. chocolate is a great comfort
  10. love is all you really need


The Happy Apple said...

What ho! You seem to be missing out on the sleep a bit there me old wingsy bash. You could almost do another job over here during the night hours over there, as it were.

I liked your 10 things...some of them I can say snap to. Tea is it's own reward, and colour is a great restorative. Im' a bit more lax' when it come's to grandma and apostle's though. AND, we all know that cocoa runs through my veins like wine through Keith Floyd.

All good stuff. You asleep yet?

Suse said...

No. 5 is kind of ironic, no? (I'm looking at the timestamp of this post)

pigsandbishops said...

Love you, sis. x

Ping said...

Ooops, that was me ...

lisette said...

yep - me and sleep are just not getting on at the moment

excellent name poss :)

Kate said...

Hello, I don't remember writing ten things about me and posting it on your blog!

Last year I took my toenail polish off for a change. I had to put it back on because every time I looked down at my naked toes, they looked like somebody elses. It was just too weird.