Monday, November 29, 2010

dodgy is as dodgy does

long haul textile seahorse readers may remember that i have what is known in medical circles as a dodgy back. remember this?

well i have been an absolute goose for the last couple of months denying there's anything wrong with my back and that it will fix itself etc etc.

and of course now find myself up in the murk midnight more often than not taking painkillers and blearily surfing the net while i wait for said painkillers to kick in. although tonight they're not. and i find myself wondering if i was really sold tramadol or some pale placebo....

and, interstate last week, i seriously contemplated ringing reception to help me get dressed as i couldn't reach my feet.

call me a meta-goober - i'm off to the physio to be righteously chastised and hopefully fixed


Ping said...

Poor bella - glad to hear you're getting it looked at. Give me a ring if you need help getting your shoes on!


PS "Some Pale Placebo" is a great title (poem or quilt, perhaps?).

Banaghaisge said...

How much tramadol are you on? Does it work for you - cos for some people it doesn't do the right pathway thing? I have been on a single dose 24 hour slow release for the last 2 years now - and it is lovely. SO much so that I get strangling panic if I inadvertantly (?) - accidentally - run out cos they really do work so well!
Pain is so awful, I know people who are painfree do not realise just how lucky they are (and if they have t invent stuff so others will cosset them I want to slap them!). Hugs, xxxx