Sunday, November 21, 2010

of cumquats and cake

our cumquat tree has been looking very much like an overburdened christmas tree, literally weighed down with fruit. and there's only so much cumquat marmalade one family eat (or make) so we were invaded this afternoon by a small army of food bloggers led by the lovely and culinarily gifted suzanne who came bearing wondrous sponge filled with excellent home-made strawberry and rose petal jam and luscious oozy cream.
 anna and david brought pizza from loafer in north fitzroy and sarah brought some lovely but as yet unphotographed peonies.
then we attacked the cumquat tree and stripped it bare.
we picked more than a laundry basket full - they will now be taken away and distributed to various cumquat lovers across melbourne.
billthedog was so excited he couldn't sit still long enough for a decent photo

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