Sunday, November 21, 2010

cat in a bag

if there's one thing miss molly moth can't resist, it's a paper bag


Stomper Girl said...

love a cat in a bag or box.... too cute.

sandra wyman said...

even more fun with two cats - one jumps on the top - great game! Goes with the exploding newspaper trick, where one hides under the newspaper and waits for the other to come by then jumps up, exploding the newspaper and ambushing him!

Lynn said...

That could be my Tabby Henry V! He loves hanging out in grocery bags!

Kate said...

Yesterday my cat tried out
1) a basket with handles (he got an award for least graceful entry, as he hoiked his leg in through the gap in the handles)
2) the plastic bucket with all my crochet yarn in it. Which I put the lid on and carried into another room before wondering why it was so unusually heavy.