Monday, November 15, 2010

still here

the week has been busy but not particularly blogworthy - much traveling to the post office in pursuit of passports (and oh frabjous day! the man who served me in the post office this morning was called carl marks - swear on my mother's grave)

i did however make waffles for breakfast yesterday, viz
and produced these soakers or nappy shorts, as they were known in this house when young w wore them in his extreme youth.
 they are destined for my sister who is expecting a Happy Event (or rather they are destined for her offspring)
 and a photo of miss molly moth, ever the opportunist


Ping said...


They're beautiful!

I've started my soaker production line and have almost three, although I haven't done any finishing yet.

Huzzah for Carl Marx :)

Stomper Girl said...

Cute - the shorts and the opportunistic kitty.

Ping said...

Maybe we should name the baby The Happy Event?

Suse said...

Passports! That sounds exciting.

omg word verification is PASHING.