Tuesday, November 02, 2010

lancefieldian loot

i made a successful foray into the lancefield op shop yesterday - looky here
a depression glass butter dish in perfect condition, ready to protect the seascrumpian butter from the depredations of miss molly moth

i also bought some old linens - currently in the wash - and this little nighty - all the smocking done, just waiting to be made up then i found some amazing vanilla slices at the bakery (a couple even made it home to a grateful family)

and here is the chocolate cake i made for sunday night's dessert - my contribution to the sewjourn common weal
while i was away i redunked the silk in more beetroot and added a doily and some aged cotton sheet to keep it company


Queenotisblue said...

I love the glass butter dish. The market at Port Adelaide use to have a great collection of this type of glassware. Vanilla slice looks scrumptious!

Sally said...

OMG - that nightie!!! What a score. Brilliant.

Fenland Textile Studio said...

I love the smocking. I'm just about to start teaching a course to a group of gypsy/romany travellers. You have got such a fantastic colour with your beetroot. Do you mordant the cloth fo=irts?

The Happy Apple said...

Those vanilla slices look scrum. Fantastico. Molto bene.