Friday, November 19, 2010

oy what a week!

this week has been just flat out: we had the annual members' forum, the annual general meeting and then a board meeting today. and i am ti-ired.

and a little cold around the heart.

this weekend i am going to try and make a calm space. and maybe make some stuff - i'll keep you posted


Sally said...

Good luck. Rest up and re-charge.

Kate said...

Cold around the heart is an excellent phrase.

My heart was a little achey with the cold last week. I was fine, but the world was just big and dark, outside my windows. I had a touch of the melancholy. I missed a concert of many of my friends singing Mozart's Requim in a cathedral because... well, not really a good idea, a requim on top of a cold heart.

Luckily the melancholy appears to be gone this week, but it certainly isn't anything I did. Such an unwelcome visitor.