Saturday, September 18, 2010

thank goodness for mercury

more wisdom from the entrails.... i'm must say that mr cainer makes exceedingly good predictions

Virgo Your Week Ahead: Each time you think you've solved a problem, you realise it has merely led you to another difficulty. But then, life's like that. Nothing is ever permanently perfect. Or rather it is... but only if you accept that ongoing challenge is a natural part of that perfection! You need, this week, to be a bit of a philosopher. Find wise ideas. Develop deep thoughts. Mercury remains in Virgo, putting you in an excellent position to improve your material situation and strengthen an emotional or romantic bond. But to do all this, you must allow yourself to be OK with things as they are, not keep wishing they could be some other way.

and as for the not so mystery object - vireya wins the prize for getting it right by sherlockian methods and i lose for being such a chump as to use a labelled photo. the other commenters get a small consideration for joining in so imaginatively - can you all email me your addresses please?

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