Sunday, September 26, 2010

running to catch up

well, i'm not doing too well on the nablopomo thing, am i? just as well i didn't tell anyone or put the badge on the blog. but then, being in darwin for 4 days, one night at home and then a weekend at the beach didn't help.

yes folks, we drove down to lorne on the victorian west coast on friday and had a rather relaxing time at a colleague's beach house.

here's the amazing view from the bed
sunset at the beach

full moon reflection on the sea (from the balcony - so seen through trees)
a and w making tunnels
getting in a little stitching
and relaxing on the sofa
of course there was the requisite finding weird things in rockpools.we also visited the nearby erskine falls which involved descending down a vast number of steps all the while thinking of having to ascend again later... the falls themselves were pretty cool: there were amusing signs and lots and lots of dripping greeneryand incontrovertible evidence of the green man....


The Happy Apple said...

I love the roadsign of the tree falling on the person. Ace. It all looks v. pleasant..especially the view from your bedroom window. You wouldn't want to get up in a hurry.

Stomper Girl said...

Looks so lovely. It is such a nice part of the world there.