Saturday, September 11, 2010

marvellous post

we don't usually get post on the weekend but there was a knock on the door this morning and lo! there was wondrous post from fiona wright.

fiona is an amazing art quilter - she was one of the first quilt artists i found who inspired me to start making my own work. she is also one of my fellow southern lands exhibitors.
she now lives in india, runs creative arts safaris food and textile tours to all sorts of fascinating places and sells silk sari ends and pieces, handprinted cotton and all sorts of other goodies in her etsy shop.

look at this luscious stuff that was very securely sewn into its calico bag. i had to wield the quick unpick for some time before i could break in and find not only the pieces i had ordered but some gorgeous extras as well. thanks fiona :)


Jensters said...

Wow how exciting and the material just looks amazing, i must check out fiona's blog and shop.

Lynn said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful finds and gifts! Love how she "wrapped them". ;-)