Sunday, September 05, 2010

it rained and it rained and it rained - further adventures in the craft zone

yesterday didn't quite turn out as expected: the long planned weekend at sewjourn was truncated by a variety of things, most pressingly my recent illness (ibid, op cit, passim). but i was looking forward to spending part of saturday with fellow craftoids in the spring sunshine in boskily rural lancefield.

unfortunately yesterday was the day of great tumult, cataracts, water spouts and hurricanoes viz
but we had a lovely time sewing,knitting, quilting, drinking tea, eating cake and chatting like mad. and i had forgotten that kaye the lovely magical masseuse was going to be there to soothe away all those built up knots and hurts (who knew i stored so much tension in my arse??)

i did some more work on the small experiment and all was well until it came time to leave and get home in time for cheese club. and i found i had unwittingly parked nose onto the swampy, glutinously muddy part of the garden.

and rosinante was stuck fast. everyone except magda (who is expecting a happy event) came and pushed womanfully at the front of rosinante while i spun the wheels and covered everyone in mud - and rosinante remained stuck fast.

so we went back into the studio - (poor kaye had to get into her pyjamas so she could wash the mud off her clothes) and rang the racv who said they would come when they could.

luckily we had time for dinner and more laughing before the oil-skinned mercy mission turned up and pulled rosinante out of the bog. he also said that the river had risen further down the road and cut off the bridge so there was only one way out but if i drove slowly and carefully and kept to the middle of the road i should be ok.

so, despite entreaties to stay and anxious inquiries about my experience in driving through cyclones, i took to the road and made it home in time for cheese and to see the youth of today before he fell asleep

(no doubt more crarf camp stories will appear here, here, here , here, here, here and here)


The Happy Apple said...

Just look at that cutey pie of a small boy! Good to hear you're up and about and tackling enjoying yourself again....sounds a good day despite the weather and set backs.

lisette said...

it was grouse fun :) and so lovely to meet bloggy friends

Stomper Girl said...

Erm, I didn't go and push I'm sorry. There looked like enough of you out there. And Magda would have been scared and lonely if I'd left her there by herself.

Lovely to finally meet you and hope you stay longer next time xx

librarygirl said...

Not too much mud at all!
so lovely to meet you - it was fun wasn't it?
post the cake recipe too - it was divine..


Suse said...

Stomper couldn't push anyway - she had no boots as I'd taken them so I could go and push.

I hope the drive home wasn't too stressful and that next time you'll be able to stay for the full quota of allotted sleeps.

Off to google rosinante.

ps. I had a slice of your berry cake for breakfast this morning thank you, and it is even better for breakfast! I was going to have porridge, honest, but all the bowls were in the dishwasher so I had no choice.


Suse said...

Don Quixote.


Janet said...

it was so lovely to meet you! and am glad that your drive home wasn't too scary.... I also had cake for breakfast yesterday but with yoghurt on top which makes it into breakfast in my book.....