Sunday, September 19, 2010

a sunday afternoon's noodling

the scrumpster gave me a dremel tool for cmas last year and i have been cirlcing it warily for some time. it is such a different type of tool and even the instructions are impenetrable and full of new words like mandrel, chuck and collet.

but this afternoon, attired in various safety masks and with hair and imagination akimbo, i grasped the nettle and dived into the world of dremelling.
dremelled, heated and inked cd

copper shim

and this was the coolest and sparkiest - rusted metal that i attacked with a cutting wheel - it made lots of very satisfactory neeee-ow noises

in a brief return to textiles i heated and painted this piece of silk previously randomly gathered, pleated and painted with xpanda painti'm also thinking of how to make wings out of copper wire and possibly silk - am still weighing up the pros and cons of knitting versus using unbound copper scourers - stay tuned....

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Chris said...

so many possibilities. Have fun exploring and creating!