Sunday, September 12, 2010

another weekend high on the hog

we do tend to eat well around here - not hard when we're surrounded by cafes and restaurants and a short drive away from the preston market and three supermarkets. this was another weekend of high altitude porcinity.
yesterday we went to the preston market to hunt down ingredients for paella - also blogged here -
it was molto yum

and then we went out for yum cha todayand in a last ditch attempt to wrest this blog back to creativity, here are some items from the desk of textile seahorse:
painted pavement treasure (remember that manky looking reel of cotton tape stuff?)

cafe sketching - ideas for new pieces

recently finished shawl in situ

silk painting
and embroidery

and finally, the most pressing impediment to getting things finished

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librarygirl said...

When we lived in Brunswick we went to Preston market ALOT - your pictures make me want to re-visit it!