Friday, February 27, 2009

i spent this past wednesday afternoon in hospital, having a camera fed into my gizzard and various atmospheric shots taken of my insides.

of course the most important part of the preparation was painting my toenails
and the worst part was the fasting. i am a definite grazer and have boxes of nuts, dried fruit and crackers in my desk drawer so that i am never too far away from a blood sugar restoringsnack so going from 7.30 to mid afternoon snackless was not a pleasant prospect. and part of my morning ritual is having a life enhancing encaffeination while going through my emails. so i was fairly sooky by the time my colleagues were opening lunch bags and warming up delicious smelling leftovers.

luckily the hospital is 5 minutes away from the office so i trotted up the hill and sat reading my book until it was time for my close-up. i was going to post the colour version but decided that was a bit too Technicolour for public consumption and took another shot of it in black and white.
and the verdict - i have an inflamed stomach :( (possibly from all the anti-inflammatories i have been taking for my prolapsed disc) and next week i have a different sort of test to see how well my gall bladder is working (more fasting....)

on a happier note here is a photo of one of our current fig tree visitors. the lorikeets have been making up for the lack of bats and having a fine old time gorging on figs (photo credits again to urbane scrumping)

and tomorrow i trot off to the quilt convention - hurrah!



Oh dear, my commiserations on your gizzards! Hope everything is ok and you're not too uncomfortable, and it won't be too long before they sort you out.

I love the Rainbow Lorikeet - you are so so lucky in Oz to have such colourful creatures. Tad more glamourous that a sparrow.

I haven't varnished my toenails for years.(fetching colour, btw) It's as much as I can do to bend down and give them a yearly prune with the shears.

Suse said...

My your mr scrumping is an excellent photographer.

I hope you feel better soon and get your diagnosis (and cure).

Caity said...

Poor L! I hope by now your rum tum is feeling much better?