Friday, February 06, 2009

calm friday before storm saturday?

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego seem to have taken a season ticket - it's going to be 44 again tomorrow. although, according to the media, they'll have to bunk up as war, famine, death and pestilence are expected on the next train from armageddon.

the premier has asked all to stay home tomorrow as it's going to be "the worst day in the history of the state" - which after last week does seem to be overreacting a little, unless his briefing officers know something we don't..... perhaps next week we will be exhorted to excavate bunkers, although digging for victory is out as we don't have enough water.

today, bun shop day, was very restorative. last night i spent the evening laughing until i cried and my face ached watching season 5 of QI. we slept in this morning - rushed e off to school at the last gasp and then had a nice mix of the leisurely and the hausfrau.

so w and i had coffee/hot chocolate
and raisin toast
at our favourite cafe,
did practical stuff at medicare, came home, stripped the bed, did the dishes and vacuumed. i did some practice sewing with rayon and then it was time to do the school pickup and a trip to psarakos.

there was some judicial choosing at the fish counter (w chose whiting after some deliberation over the various merits of snapper, flounder, trout and whiting - trout was rejected because of the jeremy fisher connection) and a large purchase in the fruit'n'veg section (including 4 kilos of watermelon to take into the bunker with us post apocalypse tomorrow afternoon)

i also managed to take some photos of molly today - usually toby is the matinee idol and is very good at posing for photos while miss molly moth is of a more restless disposition and doesn't stay still long enough to be captured on film. i realised too that if she sees the camera she tries to climb on my shoulder or rub her face on the camera thus stymying the photoshoot.
here she is glaring at the treeful of lorikeets that descended on the fig tree this morning
and asleep in w's wooden kitchen corner

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