Monday, February 23, 2009

i miss the bats

Hanging around
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usually at this time of year our evenings are full of bats - chittering in the fig tree, flying in squadrons over the northern suburbs, exploding from said fig tree if you go to put on a late night load of washing, eyebaling you through the kitchen window as you do the washing up.

but not this year. not since that dreadful week of 40+ temperatures when more than 4000 of the yarra bend colony died.

another sad statistic in this horrible summer

(thanks to urbane scrumping for this photo)



Ah, that's so sad. I love bats. Poor things.

sionwyn said...

oh no, I hadn't heard about that ... poor bats. I miss them too, but only because I've moved & they congregate in the park next to the old place and vast clouds of them swirl around and fly right overhead up there. The crap on the car I can live without, but I do miss them yabbering to each other and that prehistoric flap as the zoom overhead.