Sunday, February 08, 2009


it's too awful to write about the bushfires. you can read about them here and it's only going to get worse - most of the state is on fire.

but i can tell you that yesterday's weather was the most appalling heat i have ever experienced. the forecast was for 44 - like last week but with a cool change in the evening and the prospect of one more super hot day was bearable when you knew it wasn't going to go on for days and that cool would come within hours. but it was 35 degrees by 10am and the wind was blowing straight from hell - a scouring furnace blast that burnt your skin.

we defied the premier's edict not to leave home as we both had appointments for hair cuts - but the walk from the car park to the salon was literally painfully hot and we retreated to the coolest room of the house, watching QI and checking the news updates.

the sky was full of smoke, trees are scorched and wilting from the heat - twice a day we hear the bushfire helicopters going overhead. it's cooler now but the fires are still burning.

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ACey said...

have been thinking about you since first hearing about the bushfires.