Thursday, February 05, 2009

end of the week OMG

who would have thunk that 3 days at work would leave me a drained husk? i am absolutely stuffed.....

but tomorrow is bunshop day with young w and i hope to revisit the bits i discharge dyed on monday... the indigo cloth didn't bleach much at all and is still airing to get rid of the brimstone smell that lingers.

i am determined to use the sewing machine this weekend too - it hasn't been fired up in weeks and i want to practise my free motion quilting with rayon. but for now i think i will watch another episode of the wonderful QI and let the work week ebb away

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Ahhh, I used to take my little ones to the bun shop when they were tiny people, to choose something special for tea! Lucky W. You took me back for a while there.

The moon's are looking good, and I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on with the free machining.

DH bought me the QI book for xmas and I've been boring him to death with it ever since. It's a great book but I prefer the programme as it always makes me laugh - I'm a fan of Mr Fry.