Sunday, February 22, 2009


two weeks ago we were all feeling shocked and paralysed at the awfulness unfolding from the bushfires. there's still a feeling of bewilderment and there is more fire weather expected this week - hot hot days and strong winds...

since 7 february so many people in the craft blogosphere have rallied to raise money, to think of what we as knitters, sewers, quilters, felters, spinners, all sorts of creators can do, to bring comfort and to do something tangible when we feel so helpless.

i have started by going through my stash for the restash a crafter project being coordinated by suzie via and through groups such as scquilters. but digging through the stash wasn't enough - i needed something more personal, something handmade by me.

so i have made:
  • the first flush of pincushions
(pincushion pattern here)

  • and a monster bear (no pattern, i just traced around one of w's baby toys) that i cut out and stitched during this morning's national day of mourning service (which was wonderful)
  • and a toy kitty using one of amy karol's patterns. the pattern is well written and very straight forward but the process reminded me of how much i don't like making toys - too much precision and fiddle faddle! so it was a real labour of love.(i just realised the thing i loathe about making toys is the turning bits inside out, especially limbs. so kitty remains unadorned - i'm not sure whether i'll embroider eyes, nose etc or not. i rather like the simplicity of no features but don't want it to look unfinished)
and we had cake - a new recipe using glace pineapple, ginger, cherries and apricots - molto yum.

the orange and blueberry cupcakes were eaten and the remainder put in the freezer before i remembered the camera

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