Sunday, March 01, 2009

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well, i went to the quilt convention yesterday and had a great time. it was the first time they held it at melbourne's exhibition building which is a huge victorian pile where i had first year uni exams 60 gazillion years ago and then a couple of years later the arts ball and the chocolate society ball - the less said about those gala(h) events the better. there were shirt loads of people there - the building was crammed with quilters, especially the central part which had all the stalls. (i will post some photos of the building and the crowd later - my phone is reluctant to give them up at the moment)

i was pretty disciplined and spent my pocket money at the thread studio - ian and dale looked remarkably calm for people were literally besieged. i went around a couple of times before the crowd was less than 5 deep
the other place i spent some pocket money was the wondrous Babbarra Designs by the women of Maningrida which is in Arnhem Land waaay up in the top of the Northern Territory. they had a stall set up with lengths of already printed cloth and were doing demonstrations of their technique. after much judicious choosing i bought a 2 metre length of hand printed cotton
it was a big disappointment though that the my place quilts were not sent in time from south africa to be displayed at the convention. they arrived in melbourne half way through the convention - way too late to be hung. there were plenty of stunning quilts to look at though - dijanne cevaal had her gorgeous inspired-by-the-middle-east caravanserai quilts displayed and there some amazing quilts by the ACT based tACTile group.

then i came home and cleared up the studio table so i can actually use it sew on
but what to do with the stuff that migrated to the floor???

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catsmum said...

jealousjealousjealous - ok I'm back now

I really hate going to those huge craft market things - anywhere with huge crowds really - but I'm super jealous of your bounty from the Thread Studio

and so sad that your quilts didn't make it back in time :[