Monday, March 09, 2009

weekend round up

the much looked forward to long weekend has gone - today was labour day which celebrates the achievement of the 8 hour day in Victoria back in 1856 (more information here.)

the weekend felt bitsy and got off to a less than joyous start with a rather unpleasant test on friday - 2 hours in a CT scan machine with various erky substances injected into me at intervals.
watching the show unfold on the screen was fascinating - as the radioactive stuff filtered through my liver and beyond it looked like those NASA pictures of deep space - the gizzard nebula perhaps.... i felt rather whacked after that experience and a bit poisoned from the injected stuff so spent most of friday afternoon in the big bed.

saturday was more resting and a brief foray to gj's to get some interfacing for a bag and some remnants for a toy robot for w.

yesterday was tarrawarra, of course

i dragged out the japanese scrap wallhanging that i made a few months ago - i tried bleaching some circles with discharge paste but it doesn't seem to work on japanese fabric, or not for me anyway. so i got out the fusible thread and after a brief tussle there was a mutual decision that it would work better in the bobbin and five spirals were free machined onto the quilt. then out with the gold and copper foil and lo it looks much more interesting than before. i'm afraid there are still quite a few loose threads and more than a few cat hairs but these will be fixed before the piece is hung in the front room.
and look - nail polish! i usually paint my fingernails once every three or four years and this full moon was one of those times.
we took urbane scrumping out to the airport this afternoon - he's giving a presentation at a conference in canberra this week. and then came home amd made rosewater cupcakes - ably decorated by e and w
and some rather spiffy triple ginger cookies


Individual Surrender said...

yummy yummy yummy.


You've been very busy! The cakes look scrummy...I hope you've managed to eat one or two yourself despite feeling groggy. I like the idea of putting gold and copper foil in with your spirals. Looking forward to seeing it minus cat hairs and loose ends!