Sunday, March 22, 2009

sunday sunday

it has been a quiet but productive weekend -

luscious octopus on friday night
some assiduous cleaning, including a white tornado in the bathroom (preparing for the advent of The Cleaner - hooray!)

i almost finished a bag (still need to find some groovy handles) and decided that i am not cut out for making bags - too fiddly, too demanding of perfection.
although i was very pleased that i managed the magnetic snap fasteners.
and the challenge quilt? the one that is due for display in the web by the 31st? weeell i took another photo of its constituent parts. and calculated that i would need 2 hours to finish it. and started something else.
i have a real mental block with this piece, i just can't get my act together to finish it. perhaps i need a deadline screaming down at me? i'm also bored by it. coming up with something original for the theme 'brave new world' has been really hard - my imagination just said 'meh'
part of avoiding working on the challenge quilt saw me taking some happy snaps of my sewing table.

the lovely sue at mousenotebook sent me these lovely birds as part of her recent blog giveaway
and the process of taking some more up to date photos of me for my blog picture yielded a most bizarre but typical shot of me being attacked by w while billthedog bumbles genially in the background. we all look as though have attenae (mine is especially elaborate)
and the quilt still sits.....

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