Tuesday, March 24, 2009

sneekery peakery

i hate that phrase 'sneak peek' especially because it is often spelled sneak peak. i have similar feelings about the incorrect use of the apostrophe and people saying 'myself' when they mean 'me'

but this post is not about grammar but about saying hurrah - for my challenge quilt is, i think, done. it's still at the stage where i look at it for a while to see if it needs anything else but i'm pretty happy with it. after staring at each other through narrowed eyes yesterday i took the bull by the horns and just got stuck into the cutting assembling, quilting and burning. the whole thing will be unveiled here next wednesday 31st.

and here is a photo of toby looking like an alien. i caught him pulling pins out of my pincushion and tried to take a photo but he was too quick and rushed up to rub his nose on the camera.

and thank you for those nice comments about my shoes - they're birkenstocks, the most comfortable shoes in the world :) bought from the very good shoe shop in station street fairfield


Kirsty said...

I look forward to next Wednesday.

tangled stitch said...

Lovely, lovely work and a lovely cat too.