Sunday, March 15, 2009

cake, wild yak's, concert and gizzards

it has been a busy weekend

off to a good start with a visit to my new chiropractor who is working magic on my back, followed by a trip to a new to us cafe in high st. coco inc has amazing cakes, good coffee - w and i tried the most modest looking cake - a swiss truffle which turned out to be a disc of chocolate sponge covered in a mound of really light chocolate mousse and then a thin shell of chocolate.
as you can see the presentation was amazing.
and w's verdict?
friday evening was the first instalment of the "eat our way up high st project" that urbane scrumping and i have embarked on for 2009. the five of us will choose a different cafe/restaurant/supping station every second friday night going up rucker's hill and then down the other side. the area has changed so much since we first lived here in the late 80's - it's on the cusp of becoming the next brunswick st so we want to try places while we can still get a parking space.

wild yak's was the eatery of choice and the food is great - light delicate curries, lots of veggie options if you're that way inclined and a light fluffy rice pudding for dessert accompanied by jasmine tea (which i like despite it tasting like bathwater - although maybe that's why i like it...) we got the take away menu and will be returning. (apologies for the poor picture quality - i forgot the camera and had to use the phone)

unfortunately my gizzard comprehensively rejected the tibetan food after 15 hours of considered reflection. just in time for the bushfire concert at the mcg...... i now can give a qualitative assessment and recommendations of the lavatories at the mcg (go to the members' stand ones) btw there was nothing wrong with the food - every one else was fine and my dodgy innards have been capriciously rejecting all sorts of food lately.

so urbane scrumping and i joined 81,000 of our closest friends
to see the most amazing concert - all proceeds donated to the red cross bushfire appeal. there was a simultaneous concert at the scg with the proceeds divided between bushfire and the queensland flood relief funds.

i could have done without the hip hop act - that sort of music seems clunky, mannered and joyless to me - and i found the nuremburg gesturing rather disturbing. but the young people seemed to enjoy it......

but then the big acts started - after a couple of songs liam finn was joined by his father and uncle for a surprise crowded house turn.
More Big Screen Finns
it was my first time in an 81,00 voice choir but it was a sign of things to come.

hunters and collectors,
Hunters and Collectors
split enz
I See Red
and midnight oil
filled the next 3 hours with the anthems, hymns almost, of a generation.

it was fantastic :) (see more of urbane scrumping's concert photos here)

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