Sunday, December 07, 2008


i quoth for the first time in my life at a concert. urbane scrumping and i went to a day on the green last night and saw mark seymour, the angels and the hoodoo gurus and it was wooooo-oooooooo!
i sang, i danced, i jumped up and down, i shimmied and i had a fabulous time :)
it poured with rain off and on but stopped for most of the sets. and US and I were equipped with plastic ponchos that US' parents had bought in peru to venture into a waterfall so we only got damp around the edges.....
and those who know me will know what it means when i say i had 3 glasses of red - in picnic wine glasses so probably 2ish normal glasses. i usually go cross eyed and blurry after 1 glass so this was a bit of a binge for me. but i stayed upright and danced along the top of the alcohol.

best bits
  • crowd singing to the classics - 'throw your arms around me', 'holy grail', 'wipeout' and of course 'am i ever going to see your face again' (for those outside australia the angels sing this and the audience refrain is 'no way, get f***ked, f**k off')
  • smiling at US through the sheets of rain
  • looking around at my fellow demographic as we sat on our picnic chairs, covered in plastic sheeting and singing songs from the 70s and 80s and thinking 'this is what the retirement homes of 2050 will be like'

but oh my knees!

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Lynda said...

Ok , So who was the "date"? You old soak! LOL
I think I would need three bottles to cope with how ol'Doc's looking these days! But Mr Seymour is still pretty! And so what your date! Well? hee hee! xxxxx