Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas day

and i'm still in my jim jams at 2.30 - my sort of christmas day :)

we got up at a civilised hour (8.30ish) and there was much excitement and a flurry of present opening. apart from my wondrous camera m gave me a lovely assortment of pressies
albertus rex loved his flying screaming monkey (an excellent stocking filler) and m was similarly entranced by his t shirt (it says 'hello my name is inigo montoya you kill my father prepare to die' and is from the best t shirt place in the world)
w has his career set as a wooden chef - he now has a wooden stove, wooden supplies and a wooden birthday cake
and e loved her kimono
poor old billthedog was a bit bemused by the whole thing
leisurely breakfast was followed by leisurely lunch and i'm now uploading the legion of christmas photos to flickr.

dinner will be roast beef, vichy carrots, zucchini and roast potatoes followed by panettone bread and butter pudding and cherries.


catsmum said...

a good day was clearly had but the link to the princess bride t-shirt isn't working :[
round here the panettone gets served Boxing Day breakfast with brandy custard

Susan said...

Happy Christmas.

I can beat the sloth benchmark - 5pm - when I had to get dressed to go to the in-laws!

I can second the monkey endorsement. I bought them for several nieces and nephews. They all thought that they were pretty good too.

Talk soon

ACey said...

how happy and satisfying the day looks. I envy the wooden chef all his wooden accoutrements. And yes. The Beatles *are* dying in the wrong order ...


W can join me in cooking - I do a good line in wooden food too. some of my scones are legendary and have been used by small tribes to build yurts.