Wednesday, December 10, 2008


today we launched the project my manager and i have been working on all year: Dardee Boorai: the Victorian Charter of Safety and Wellbeing for Aboriginal Children and Young People.

dardee boorai means 'strong children' in the language of the gunnai people of gippsland. it has been a fantastic project to work on - lots of consultation with Aboriginal communities and strongly influenced by the Aboriginal advisory committee as well as government.

here is a photo of my desk from my december 4 day of photos - you can see a mock up of the dardee boorai poster in the bottom right hand corner. (as you can see my desk is an oasis of peace and order)
and here is the whiteboard that was the engine room of the charter :)
no photos of the launch i'm afraid - i was too busy wrangling participants. but the highlights for me were the traditional dances performed by the kinder kids (so 4 year olds) who go to the Yappera Children's Service where we held the launch and the 3 busloads of delegates from the World Indigenous Peoples' Conference on Education who were doing a site visit to yappera as part for the conference and who joined us for the launch. so now copies of the charter will go back with them to Canada, New Zealand and Belgium as well as all over Australia. because our charter is the first human rights charter for Aboriginal children and i'm really really proud of that.

you can check out the charter and (sometime next week) you can see some video footage of today's launch here



I've tried to leave a comment a couple of times this morning and am having difficulty. You may get them all, or none! I just wanted to say Wow! How wonderful and congratulate you on a fantastic achievement. Things are really happening for you at the moment aren't they? I look forward to reading all about the charter, and will follow your link just as soon as I've finished battling with blogger!

Lynda said...

fantastic. I know you must be feeling very satisfied as this has been a long time coming. To say well done almost sounds trite, but i hope it is received in the spirit in which it's meant. xxL

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Susan said...

Congratulations. I'm very pleased it's out there!