Sunday, December 28, 2008

days of sloth

christmas day set the benchmark for sloth around here - there has been a whole lotta lounging, reading christmas books, moderate cooking, eating and even the odd bit of housework (just to keep the house from being subsumed by a tide of dog hair - b-the-d is shedding a small mammal's worth of hair every day)

i have however started and completed a knitted garment - if a cowl constitutes a garment.
i used ilga's beech wood pattern - very easy with enough changes of pace to keep me interested but not anxious making. i used some soft handspun wool that i bought 3 years ago in byron bay and a skein of luscious handpsun silk from artemisartemis.

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Pity you can't combine the shedded dogs hair with the knitting in some way! Ever thought of taking up spinning? Glad to hear you're having such a nice Christmas x