Sunday, December 21, 2008

snakey and summer pudding

we went to the kris kringle night market on thursday night and w saw lots of soft toys and of course wanted them all. he really wanted a snake though and there were none to be had.

so i made one.
it's more than 8 feet long...... the sewing part was ok - but the stuffing! i felt like a navvy by the end of it all.
but he is a handsome snakey and w loves him.

and the summer pudding i made last night

was wonderful!

on a less cheery note, we seem to have bought a grinch christmas tree which leers at us from its corner and made its feelings clear by falling on e as she was blamelessly sitting on the sofa eating her pudding....



Nice Snakey and even nicer Summer Pudding. (I've just made one of those too to keep in the fridge for Christmas Eve - we always spend the day somewhere outside like a zoo so we can enjoy coming home in the cold and dark to a good cosy up in front of the fire)

Have a super Christmas and a very Happy New Year. I hope you'll all have a wonderful time xx

catsmum said...

much nicer than the snakeys up here