Sunday, December 14, 2008

toot toot, chugga chugga

yes folks, it's that time of year again.... the big red car rolls into melbourne just before christmas every year, and every year w and i go along and sing and dance and have a fabulous time. well i do and w looks cautiously enjoyful of the whole thing.
this year urbane scrumping joined us and was pleasantly surprised at how far the wiggles had come since 1997 when he took the then 2 year old a to see them at a canberra primary school hall. no more cardboard cutout big red cars and they had multiple changes of costume although all in their signature colours, of course.
i was so happy i bought the ears
and the t shirt

i did buy a light up wand and a helium balloon for w - it wasn't all about me!



What can one say? The ears suit you x

hippopip said...

Yep, the ears should stay,a great improvement!

catsmum said...

Ms almost 27 and I went to the VERY FIRST EVER Wiggles Melbourne Concert - back in the days when there were 5 Wiggles and if Dorothy the Dinosaur or Waggs the Dog were on stage, a Wiggle or two would be mysteriously absent !!!
They got Nadie up on stage and I thought she was going to burst with the excitement.