Sunday, September 28, 2008

bounce worthy

this weekend has so far been good, good, good. i slept in, got up and then after breakfast decided i was still tired so hopped back into bed and read my book.

did a little light but worthy housework, cruised over to my favourite non virtual fabric shop (website-less gj's in east brunswick) which has the most bargamonious fabric in melbourne. i was restrained and kept things practical by buying vliesofix, thread, ribbon and a red red zipper. i couldn't possible leave without fabric so toured the bargain tables upstairs and fell upon some flamingo pink and orange polar fleece (each piece was $8 for 2 metres - how bargamonious is that???) and some lovely polished cotton - a dark cream with olive green ginkgo leaves patterned over a sub pattern of creamy spirals - libertyish but less precious ($10 a metre)

then over to urban scrumping's palazzo to eat pies, drink beer, knit the impossibly fine habu and watch the grand final (with the tv sound off of course and roy and hg commentaryon the wireless turned up loud)

then we took a and e to see bill bailey at the arts centre - walking down swanston street among celebrators staggering back from the mcg and (from the other direction) white faced exhausted returnees from the melbourne show. bill bailey was fantastic - so funny i was crying with laughter.

and it was warm!! the time/temperature magic lantern thing at the abruzzo club in east brunswick read 29 degrees at 3 pm - it's spring!

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Very industrious weekend you've had! I love Bill Bailey too. He comes from the same part of the world as me (West Country Buddha was taken from something that was said about him!) and speaks with the same sort of accent.