Sunday, September 14, 2008

the catalogue along

uk art quilter guru maggie grey has issued an interesting challenge - see here

thousands of art quilters have put catalogues out in their gardens and await further instructions. i have already made a mistake - i see re-reading maggie's blog that i should have slashed the cover. perhaps that can wait until tomorrow.

i have put mine out under the japanese maple near the grey water hose from the washing machine. here in melbourne we have water restrictions so we are using buckets in the shower and recycling grey water.

i plan to have weekly updates on the catalogue's fate - this could be interesting depending on how long it's out there. that bed is right near the fig tree which is a major bat attraction in the summer and bats have very dodgy digestions.....

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tumbleweed said...

hi Lisette...discovered your wee icon on the side of my blog, thanks for that, now I can pop over any time!
oh, and when those pigtails get longer, you can dye them blue using pansies...
best wishes
India (the tumbleweed)