Sunday, September 28, 2008

sunday report

today i was moderately industrious -
  • i took a load of toys to the op shop
  • bought 2 boxes of tight colour-saturated fruit 'n' veg from psarakos
  • cleaned the bathroom
  • replenished the cats' litter trays
  • removed the winter pelt from my legs and consequently sported cargo pants without mohair socks
  • made the violently pink and orange polar fleece blanket (when i trimmed the excess seam allowance it looked like dr seuss has been operating in my living room...)
  • cleared the kitchen table (it was still there under the detritus of life)
  • inspected the progress of the catalogue along
  • and the phone book along (william and i each have a volume of the current melbourne phone book, lurking under the ivy)
  • and made a skirt

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