Sunday, September 28, 2008

stellar challenge

Originally uploaded by textileseahorse

the next around the world in 20 quilts challenge theme is stellar (and i keep wanting to shout 'stella' like elaine in that seinfeld episode...)

at the moment i am thinking of using this sketch that i posted back in january as my starting point

the challenge part will be to use lutradur and/or paper as the main material.....


catsmum said...

you are showing your youth there m'dear. If you were an old f**t like me you'd be thinking of Marlon Brando yelling 'Stella' in Streetcar Named Desire [ which the Seinfeld thing is a tribute to ]

Individual Surrender said...

I love the drawing. I love the idea. I love the passion behind it. I love the catalog idea. Wanting to see where it goes. I don't quilt, but I embroider. Looking forward to seeing what happens with your stellar ideas!

Mary Jane said...

Can't wait to see this one, love the tiny blue around the edged.