Monday, September 01, 2008

buda bunya pine quilt

my piece for the 'around the world in 20 quilts' challenge #1 'trees'. i described the inspiration and the composition and assembly process a couple of posts ago.

i was completely stumped by the conundrum of how to quilt this piece. i did lots of sketches, played with ideas and ended up throwing them away and just hopping into the quilting. i quilted where the spirit moved me and lo there was something much better than any of my sketches.

luckily the quilt had firm ideas so i let the piece dictate how it wanted to be quilted and just obediently pushed the quilt around under the free motion foot, kept refilling bobbins and changing thread as it ran out. the most surprising bits were the roots going into the pebble quilting and the outline quilting over the photos - i had no idea that was going to happen!

the next challenge theme is 'stellar' and i already have some ideas zooming around. it's not due until 30 november so i have plenty of time to do your solomon's temple quilt, mum :)


Lynn said...

I'd like to tell you again how much I admire this work, the dark colors set a mood and looking upward gives a feeling of hope, as do the rootedness into the pebbles. The tree branches are almost like arms stretching up in a feeling of victory!

Thanks for coming to my Textile Art Quilt site and leaving your comment and directing me to discover Emily Parson's beautiful work.


Yes, I like the way the roots have emerged through the pebbles too. I'm looking forward to tuning in to see next bit for your mum - if you can squish time in between all the other things you seem to do. A x ps it's still raining!

hippopip said...

This quilt is breathtaking beautiful quilting and colours, I have enjoyed reading your blog and the bathroom piece made me smile